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How has the DHS secured Gun Control? Here is the scenario:

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It starts with DHS initiating a massive order for ammunition.

Because their order is so large, they demand special pricing.
Ammunition suppliers, anxious for a piece of a massive order, agree to pricing significantly lower than their normal schedule.

Ammunition suppliers crank up production to meet the orders.
Their entire production is now operating to fill a single order, but with a significantly lower profit margin. The suppliers go to their banks, and get financing to meet production, further lowering their profits.

Congress screams at Napolitano to answer questions.
She refuses.

The ammunition suppliers keep moving product to the DHS, while ignoring their normal customers, and destroying previous customer relations.

Congress finally gets her to testify. Congress expresses concern about the management of DHS.

Congress calls for special hearings, which are expected to take weeks.

Ammunition manufacturers keep production and shipments going.

DHS initiates a policy of quality control inspections that delays payments to ammunition suppliers.

Duty bound by contract, ammunition suppliers continue shipping orders, despite lack of prompt payment. Payment delays deplete cash reserves of ammunition suppliers. They seek relief from their banks, and lenders. Instead of relief…

The banks raise the interest rates on new and existing loans. Some banks go so far as to call loans, demanding immediate payment in full.

Congress calls in the press to express their outrage for DHS’s mismanagement.

Ammunition manufacturers have known production, and operating costs (by utilizing IRS records, and files). The date to cut off the money to the ammunition suppliers is timed perfectly to be certain that they can no longer pay their people, and especially not, their lenders.

Congress pulls the plug on the money to pay the ammunition suppliers, even for orders already shipped, and received by DHS.

Ammunition manufacturers scream, but no money is supplied to pay for recent shipments. Production lines built to meet the new orders go silent. Banks, and lenders use the courts to seize assets.

Most to all manufacturers turn to bankruptcy, and to the federal bankruptcy courts for relief.

None is given.

Production of ammunition ceases. Supplies to their previous customers go unfilled for months, then increasing to years.

Most ammunition suppliers turn to liquidation of assets.

Most, and nearly all, ammunition suppliers are out of business, and cease to exist.

Ammunition will not be available for years.

That’s how you create gun control.

It’s called attrition.

“White Knight”, you say?

Now we have an unknown group of investors, with a board made up of whom, or we have an individual that comes in to save the day.

He/she/they provide low interest money to put them back in business.

Who is them? Them (they) may be a single ammunition supplier, or a list of suppliers. If Big Sis finishes this plan, there may be a dozen manufacturers that are in trouble, and in need of rescue. If an investor is smart, as they most likely will be, they will buy up as many small to mid-sized companies as possible, and consolidate them.

We’re back in a situation where a limited few have their hand on the OFF switch.


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