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A brief description of the novel: The Survival Guide For The One Percent

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It has taken centuries of effort for the ultra wealthy to establish, and maintain their positions, within our society. They do not intend to relinquish their status. History has shown that if they perceive their dominance is under threat, there is no physical, or politically defensive measures considered too extreme.

If they hope to maintain their position, essential components, within their structure, must continue to be dominated, and protected.

Above all is their exclusive control over the production of the individual forms of currencies utilized by all industrialized nations. The awareness of the need to own this aspect of a developing world has been known for millennia. Warnings to prevent a small number of individuals from gaining control of this aspect of civilization have roots as far back as the original texts, within the Bible.

This novel proposes alternate histories, and structures were created, and maintained by limited, and temporary members of One Percent. It presents a twist to their existence, by presenting events that suggest they, and their structure were given a nearly instantaneous existence. Early members of this country’s One Percent were individuals of limited knowledge, experience, and talent. Nonetheless, they demonstrated insights regarding this country’s entry into the Industrial Era, and soon thereafter, the United State’s lack of a cohesive banking structure.

They remained inconspicuous, until they began to threaten the status of the existing, and centuries old European banking interests, as well as their equally old One Percent.

This novel presents evidence that the original ultra wealthy, within the United States, were displaced from their positions, soon after they became a threat to their European competitors. As the United States grew technologically, their descendants identified a method to recover, and re-establish their positions. It took over one hundred fifty years before they possessed the means, but the present distribution of wealth, within the US, is demonstrative of their return. Since that date in 2004, no actions have been taken without the use of:

The Survival Guide For The One Percent

So how did they intend to accomplish their return?

They have not yet succeeded. This novel proposes that what we now witness is a work in progress, and the members of the One Percent are in a state of flux. At no time in history have the stakes been higher, nor the motivation greater to displace the members occupying positions, within the One Percent.

United States President Andrew Jackson’s opposition to an organized Second Bank of the United States was the beginning of the displacement, and destruction of the United State’s ultra wealthy. Jackson was correct about the Second Bank of the United States being owned by foreign investors. Those investors primary goal was the destruction of America’s wealthiest individuals, and to insure that all United States assets were under the control of European banks. Andrew Jackson’s programs allegedly put the United States into a deep depression, and the Panic of 1837. Instead of allowing the United States to climb out of its troubles, legislators, secretly in support of Britain, created a new United States Bank.

They succeeded for one hundred sixty seven years. A United States government, nearly indistinguishable from that of today, funded a program utilizing newly discovered technology to attempt to covertly rectify the European dominance. The program’s goals were announced to be related to climate change. They were, however, quite different.

Blend Quantum Mechanics, with the M-Theory (Membrane Theory), and you obtain a door between membranes. Additional research provides the knowledge of how to send information through that door to specific people. The plan was to return the key components to financial success back into the hands of those who were stripped of their previous success.

In their excitement during the design phase, they failed to provide adequate protection from intellectual property theft. If one of the programmers employed to implement the project is watching this research develop, it wouldn’t take too many brains for them to figure out how to use that knowledge to their own advantage. The programmers could provide their own ancestors with the proper times, and the proper places to be, when major discoveries were about to alter industry, and business.

Several programmers did precisely that. They expected to benefit, by being the heirs to the fortunes of the financial dynasties they would create for their families.

The information they provided created what we now refer to as the One Percent, but they are not the same people that previously occupied those positions. The programmers displaced the intended recipients. Instead, men of little to no significance became titans of industry. JD Rockefeller, for example, was the son of an elixir salesman, yet he rose to become the wealthiest man in the United States.

The programmers began to develop unexpected consequences. Some of the new men chosen by the programmers to become the ultra wealthy ignored the insights provided them. They became pawns of the original program designers. They began to implement schemes to repeatedly crash economies.

The programmers were unaware they were not alone in manipulating histories. F Augustus Heinze became the pawn of those who intended to install the original projects chosen individuals. He was taught how to manipulate banking laws, and currency values, and precipitated the panic of 1907. This event changed political moods, and allowed for a vote to form the Federal Reserve System, within the U.S., and eventually what we have today, within every industrialized country.

Every criminal expects that they are smart enough to get away with their crime. These programmers expected their ancestors to be grateful, and to enrich their descendants. It didn’t turn out that way. Their ancestors decided to hide their trail, and deny any involvement with special insight.

Episode One provides the basics of how all of this came to begin. Subsequent episodes of the novel are about the chase of those involved, their attempts to retain the new history they created, and their attempts to escape their well deserved payback.

This novel is about the hunt, and the payback. The New One Percent, as well as the programmers, are being pursued, within their new histories, as well as the old. It’s the story of how the war we’re all now witnessing, between most of the ultra wealthy, came to begin. As you read each episode, you will need to decide if what you see about you is real, or manipulated. The events of 2008 were not created by the fools placed in front of media cameras.



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