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The Survival Guide For the One Percent

The novel is presented in series format, and in Episodes.

I started this WordPress site for the promotion of my novel. As friends, and colleagues read the first episodes, they had comments, and questions. They understood the concept of the novel, but wanted to know about who I thought were the One Percent. These questions turned into discussions that became quite enjoyable. The intent here is to provide some answers, for the readers I have never met.

If, for example, you want to know who I consider the One Percent, then let me start you here. I wrote a “From the author page”, and if you go to the website, and hit the link for that page, you can read my definition. The link is at the top of the first page.

You can also hit this link. http://www.opnovel.com/author-text.html

The link above will bring up a page designed to pop up, and be only a few inches wide. If you go to it from outside the website, it will appear as a full page.

Here, also, is the link to the bank that’s the epicenter of the One Percent. It is the bank for ALL other banks. To know where it starts, and ends, you need to become familiar with this bank, and how, and for whom it exists.


Unfortunately, in the last few years, Wikipedia has removed much of the information that was most helpful to understand how this bank interacts with all other banks. The page about them is now more limited, and makes them appear a benevolent friend to all of us.

It still has some great information. If you’re not familiar with this bank, I encourage you to read it.

Much of the information, regarding this bank, and previously available over the net, is no longer available. The crash of 2008 required many of our largest banks to need capital bail outs. If the BIS portrays its activities to include the setting of monetary policy, why didn’t they see the worst activities, such as derivatives trading. They either didn’t see it, or they condoned it.

To understand the novel, and the episodes, please review the story line of the novel:

Episode One frames the how, and where everything begins to occur.

The era of the One Percent begins, because a NASA, and NOAA program goes afoul of the original goal.

Some geek programmers identify a method to supply financial information to their ancestors.

Their goal is to build the wealth of their ancestors, so that by their own time, their families would have become financial dynasties.

Their plan succeeds, save for certain unreasonable assumptions. 

They forget that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The era of the One Percent begins, but there will be no thanks, for the descendants of those that benefited. In fact, they are determined to not be found out as frauds.

The plot of this novel is about the chase of those involved, and the well deserved payback, for all who altered history for their benefit. The novel provides a timeline, and a method of how the war we seem to be witnessing, between most of the seriously wealthy, came to begin.

The story line of the series:

Discovering the technique that could manipulate history, the era of a One Percent began.

  • Manipulations of previous historical events ensured beneficial financial results for specific families.
  • Financial meltdowns, major recessions, and depressions were created.
  • The families, however, began to fight one another over preferred histories, ultimately resulting in chaos.

Power is prematurely handed to the next generation of the One Percent. Previous generations were aware of the need to remain inconspicuous.
A younger generation exposed to a society of conspicuous consumption goes on a spending spree. Their greed precipitates a feud, and undisciplined use of the technique.
All previous manipulations are discovered and destroyed. The elevated chaos provides opportunity for non-family members. A new history evolves:

  • A new non-industrial society develops.
  • A new medieval period begins in Europe.
  • Columbus never made the trip.
  • Nordic cultures migrate down the northeast Americas.
  • Central America is dominated by the Aztec.
  • The families that made the original modifications to history are being hunted, as they attempt to recover control.

It is a chase, and a battle between those that want to control power, and reward.

I hope that you will consider reading it.


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